Yay Images Review – High Quality Yet Affordable Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Yay Images Review – High Quality Yet Affordable Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Are you looking for superior quality royalty-free stock photos and vectors without breaking your bank? Look no further than Yay Images. It is an ideal tool for busy experts that require fast access to quality photos for online publications, blogs, or business presentations.

Yay Images can allow users to build great email campaigns, awesome landing-pages, company blogs, and social media posts in no time. It can let you have as many web pictures as you like for $9.90 per month. With new filters added, users can now filter the pictures by artist, date, and keywords for a more refined search. Furthermore, when altering your images, YAY Images offers you a code to paste.

This means you don’t need to waste your time downloading, editing, and uploading them. The biggest benefit is that users can edit the stock photos on-site without going to Photoshop over and over again. To know about the tool, read Our Yay images review.

About Yay Images

Yay Images is a royalty-free stock photo marketplace based in Norway. It is offering licensed stock media since 2008. Members can pick any quality picture to pair with your marketing.

Important Details


Let us talk about the Yay Images features:

  • More than 6.5 million high-res stock pictures
  • Free registration and support
  • In-browser image editing
  • Use as many online pictures as you require
  • Great visual search tool
  • No hidden costs
  • Ideal for all digital and print projects
  • Full licensing (Standard & Extended Licenses Covered)

Pros and Cons

Let us discover Yay Images pros and cons:


Premium Collection at Your Fingertips

Yay Images features a superb collection of 11M photographs, 200K videos, and 1.2M graphics for businesses, start-up companies, media organizations, and marketing agencies across the globe.

You can use the website on Windows, iOS, or Android devices and search thousands of royalty-free stock images using simple or advanced search features in no time. The awesome collection helps users take their online marketing to the next level.

Come with Royalty-Free Licensing

This means that all pictures at Yay Images can be used as many times on multiple channels and in numerous projects as you like without any restrictions. Moreover, uses can even alter the images as they like.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Yay Images has a pretty intuitive interface that makes the site easy to use for hunting high-resolution stock pictures on any casino for your business. Simply type what type of imagery you are interested in and hit the search icon.

In fact, in case you accidentally click close the YAY Images box, you can make it reappear by visiting the ‘Insert’ tab and then clicking on ‘My Add-ins.’ When you click on its name, the application box will reappear on the right side.

Easy Integration

Whether you require stock photos for your product offering – such as app development or email marketing, cutting-edge API grants you access to the large image base. You can even integrate it on your site seamlessly.

Fair Price

Whether you are using Yay Images for personal use or commercial use, it provides great images you require at an unbeatable price. You can use licensed images for almost everything – magazines, advertising, marketing, apps, blogs, design, web design, presentations, websites, etc.

I used the platform for all my digital and print projects, and Yay Images proved to be an affordable tool for me.

Boost Your Brand Image and Sales

Remember, the use of high-quality images can drive brand engagement, sales, and traffic to your business. Also, your content requires a visual upgrade from time to time. Yay Images is an ideal tool for online marketing. It has a community of 12,500+ artists and designers. It can help users create high-performing ad campaigns and head-turning content in no time.

Another biggest advantage is that the platform lets you organize all your images in folders and share them with colleagues and clients quickly. Simply start your important pictures, and it will be added to your favorites. This ultimately helps businesses take their marketing game to the next level.

Roll-over Unused Pictures

In case you did not use all the subscribed images, there is no need to worry. It is because they will automatically roll over to the next month. Therefore, you can use them again as required.

Visual Search Function

Yay Images also has a visual search feature that allows you to find the perfect picture. Simply drag and drop the royalty-free picture to the visual search, and hit search to get your desired image.

Users can even tailor their search further by using search filters like whether you need empty regions to add text, the total number of individuals you want in your pictures, etc.

Copyright Protection Guarantee

Yay Images also offers a copyright protection guarantee, which means users are protected up to $25,000 per picture. This offers you the needed peace of mind.

Color-Based Search

YAY also provides a color-based search to allow users to find images missing or containing few colors. This is quite beneficial when a user is unsure of what he or she is looking for.

In-Browser Editing

Yay Images blend all of the benefits of open-source sites with robust technology to give users an incredible experience. Whether you need to add some text, resize your image, or add a frame, the in-built photo editing tool of Yay Images that lets you do everything in seconds.

The great benefit is that you do not need to download the picture. Simply copy and paste the embed code on your web pages, and it’s done!

Single Purchase Extended Licenses

This means Yay Images will allow you to purchase an extended license on any picture with your credits.

Offers a Download History

The download history feature lets you see your entire history of downloads organized by date from within your profile and that too without paying extra money. This prevents you from searching or buys the pictures twice.


We did not find any disadvantage yet.

Pricing and Plans

Yay Images provide numerous flexible pricing plans for every budget so that members could quickly stream and download high-res stock images. You can find more details here.

It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to try the platform for one month and find out whether it is worth signing on the Yay Images site or not.

Yay Images Affiliate Program

Register with Yay Images today to reap the perks of an affiliate program. It can help you earning revenue while offering high-quality stock vectors, images, and videos to your audience. The bonus part is that users can receive up to 25% or more for each subscriber that registers with your referral link.


Who Can Use Yay Images?

Yay Images is perfect for:

  • Bloggers
  • Freelancers
  • E-commerce stores
  • Small business marketers
  • Agencies who want to impress their target audience with quality images

Can I Sign-Up for Free?

Yay Images is a free to register platform for those in need of high-resolution stock images. You only need to pay when you have found the stock images you want to buy. Moreover, if you have any queries, you can also get in touch with the customer support department for free advice.

Can I Cancel Yay Images Subscription At Any Time?

Yes. You can cancel your Yay Images subscription at any time. Simply go to your Yay Images Profile, and find the cancel button under the subscription to cancel it. However, the company will keep hosting your pictures and vectors, even when your subscription ends.

What Are the Best Alternatives to Yay Images?

Below are the best Yay Images alternatives:

  • Shutterstock
  • iStock
  • Zoommy
  • Photolancer Zone
  • Stock Unlimited

What Format Do I Get?

All our stock pictures are JPEGs. In fact, the vector files are in SVG, JPEG, or EPS.

Can I Use Royalty Stock Pictures in a Logo?

Yes. You can use pictures with a Royalty Free license into a logo. But you can’t trademark a logo with a Royalty-free image.


Digital marketers, Bloggers, media agencies, and other creative professionals often find it challenging to find royalty-free pictures for their web content. Yay Images is a great solution to step up the stock game without the premium price. Thanks to access to millions of stock images and vector files. Even users without any Photoshop skills can use the platform with ease.

Yay Images is also a great alternative to other stock websites. The rights granted are non-transferable. This means they are personal to you or your company. Another bonus part is that you can find the stock images by browsing the categories or using the advanced search function. This helps you narrow down your results and save search time.

After I signed up at the Yay Images platform, I found all the pictures artistic, creative, and original. I depend on it for unique pictures for websites, social media, webinars, and power-point presentations. So whether you are a blogger or marketer, signing up at Yay Images can make your life easy. Begin a free trial today!

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