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“We are crazy about the digital world.”

Vivian C. Sauer founded The Crazy Pixel in 2010. The inception of this company is bizarre because if it were not for some events, then this company would not be in existence. With over 12 years in business, the CEO of this company has managed to overcome various challenges and go against the grain to stand out from the rest. The year 2010 was challenging because, after the 2008 recession, most businesses were picking up, and after the dot.com bubble, most businesses were not interested in digital. Our CEO lost her job during the recession, and she was struggling financially, and this is when she decided to be a graphic designer. At first, there were various challenges, but she did not give up even when she was close to the point of bankruptcy. Her grit and determination in her work were seen and appreciated by her clients, and that is how The Crazy Pixel has survived up to this moment.

We are the most popular digital company because we never run away from a fight and trust our clients to lead the way. We have worked with different individuals, businesses, private & public corporations, and government agencies. We don’t intend to slow down; the way forward is to continue improving the lives of brands that trust us.

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